When is the 2018 Durango Wine Experience?
May 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2018

Where do I check in? Where do I pick up my wristband, credentials and wine glass?
Check-in at the DWE Event Office in the back lobby of the R Space (734 E. 2nd Ave) to pick up your event program, wristband and wine glass starting 05/02/2018.

Where is the DWE Check In location?
Durango Wine Experience Main Event Office
Located at R Space (734 E. 2nd Ave)
Vendor Registration, Check In, Ticketing & Will Call

When is the DWE event office open?
2018 DWE Event Office Hours of Operation
Wednesday, May 2, 2018: 2pm-6pm
Thursday, May 3, 2018: 10am-6pm
Friday, May 4, 2018: 10am-6pm
(Ticketing & Will Call moves to the door of the Grand Tasting Tent @ 2pm on Saturday)

I am a beverage vendor, how do I register?

How much is a Vendor table for both of the weekend events?:
$450, ($405 before 2/14)
As a winery participant, your eary bird $405 table fee and in-kind product donation entitles you to the following benefits: One, six-foot private table at both pf our two signature wine tastings: Friday’s “Walk-About Durango” & Saturday’s “Grand Tasting”. One table, each day.
We provide the 6′ table,  the black linens, bus tubs, ice, water pitchers, bottled water, spit buckets, liquor license, security, the fun, etc.
Your welcome bag will include two DWE Weekend Tasting Passes, two DWE wine glasses & two tickets to the invite only, “VIP Welcome Reception”. All winery participants are included in event program, listing with links on the web page & all social media sites. There are multiple opportunities to host educational seminars & wine dinners at our amazing local restaurants.
Fees increase to $450 after 2/14/2018.

I already registered. Can I pay with a credit card instead of a check?


DWE Vendor Table Fees

Table/Location Name:

What is the address to mail in my check? Please mail all checks to:
The Durango Wine Experience P.O. Box 2123 Durango, CO 81302
Please include your table name on the check.

What is the “Durango Local’s Special”?
 Support Local! We have a special Saturday only Grand Tasting table fee for Durango Specialty Wine Retailers, Durango Breweries, Durango Distillers and/or Durango based wineries to share their wares at the Grand Tasting. $250 table fee and in-kind product donation. Must be located in Durango, CO. No exceptions!

I am a local Durango restaurant. How do I register?
You can register online HERE

I am a Walk-About location host. What does the DWE provide for my location? 
All tasting supplies needed: 6′ tables, bus tubs, ice, water pitcher, spittoons, black table cloths, security, wine, guests, guests have their own wine glass, etc. See the entire list on the Walk-About Info page.
Or download the
Download the forms in PDF:  DWE 2018 WALK-ABOUT LOCATION Host Registration Packet
Permission form needed for the City SEP’s: DWE-2018-SPECIAL-EVENT-PERMIT-LOCATION-PERMISSION

Where am I pouring for the Walk-About on Friday?
You will receive an email from the DWE informing you of your assigned location for Friday. The DWE rotates vendors around each year to enhance everyone’s “Experience”! It will be one of the following spots:  TBD

Where am I pouring for the Grand Tasting on Saturday?
Everyone, who is anyone, is pouring at the 12th Annual Durango Wine Experience Grand Tasting under the festival tent The Smiley Building Courtyard, on  Saturday, May 5th, 2018 3:00pm-6:30pm. Your exact table location will be released closer to the event.

SEP Liquor License valid Saturday, April 25th 2018 12:00pm-8:00pm
City of Durango Special Event Permits_Final
The Smiley Building Courtyard:
Permit # 2015-201400245-018
2018 Grand Tasting Shipping Label:
DWE GRAND TASTING 2018 Shipping Label

When can I start setting up at the Grand Tasting tent?
Vendors can access the DWE Festival Tent as early as noon on Saturday to begin set up. Labeled six foot tables with black linens will be set up and ready for you.

As a vendor, sponsor, brewery, distiller and/or winery participant: 
What does my $450 table fee and in-kind product donation get me?
One, six-foot private table at our two signature wine tastings: Friday’s “Walk-About Durango” & Saturday’s “Grand Tasting”.
We provide the location, the tent, your 6 foot table, the black linens, bus tubs, ice, water pitchers, bottled water, spit buckets, the liquor license, security, the fun, etc. Power is only available upon request.
All will be set up for you well in advance of the tastings.

Your welcome bag will include two DWE Weekend Tasting Passes, two DWE wine glasses & two tickets to the invite only, “VIP Welcome Reception”. All winery participants are included in event program, listing with links on the web page & all social media sites.
There are multiple opportunities to host educational seminars & wine dinners at our amazing local restaurants.

I am a local Durango Restaurant participating in the Grand Tasting Showcase.  If I want to have a wine dinner, will you sell tickets and advertise for me?
The DWE does not organize, nor sell tickets for wine dinners directly.
As our partner, we will help connect you with the talent, the local distributors, the perfect products; then help promote and list your event in all of our publications, schedule and media.

I don’t want to pay for a table at the Grand Tasting, but I would like the exposure of hosting a seminar at my restaurant. How do I sign up?
Due to popular demand, hosting a seminar is only open to our restaurant partners that support the DWE by participating in the Grand Tasting Restaurant Showcase. Please indicate your interest in hosting on your registration form. DWE 2018 Grand Tasting RESTAURANT Showcase Registration Packet

When is a Special Event Permit NOT required, even though alcohol beverages are going to be sold or served?
Section 12-48-108, C.R.S. contains an exemption for non-profit organizations holding fundraising events at permanently licensed retail premises, with public access, are not required to obtain a Special Events Permit. In this case, authorized alcohol beverage suppliers must invoice all alcohol beverages to the retail licensee, not the non-profit organization. A Club licensee which only allows access to its members and guests, and an Arts licensee, which only sells or serves alcohol beverages during artistic or cultural performances, are acquired to obtain a Special Events Permit at the Club or Arts licensed premises when they hold events that allow public access. (See Section 12-48-103(2) C.R.S.)

Is the Durango Wine Experience is a Colorado non-profit organization?
 View our 501 (c) (3) letter here.
DWE Tax Exempt Status Approval

What are the dates for the 2018 Durango Wine Experience?
May 3-5, 2018. The DWE is always the first full weekend in May! 
Save the date for next year: May 2-4, 2019!

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Mandi Davis
Durango Wine Experience
Event Coordinator

Leah A. Deane
Board of Directors

I met some cool locals at the bar last night, can I give them my credential to get into the tasting? I still have my wristband.
No. Your credential (or lanyard) is just your name tag. It’s sole purpose is to make you look cool. No one will be permitted in to the Grand Tasting tent or a Walk-About location without a wristband.
We asked Paul SImon to write a song about this and he did!

I want to pay online, but I already registered. How can I do that?
Did you already register but need to pay for your table fee? You have come to the right place!

DWE Vendor Table Fees
Table/Location Name:

What is the story and the expected attendance (product needed) for of the three signature DWE events?
“VIP” The Welcome Reception on Thursday May 3rd, 4:00-6:30pm (100p-200p) 
Steamworks Brewing CO. Deck
Optional. If you are feeling frisky, maybe you would like to send a couple of bottles to the invite only party for All-Access Platinum Festival Pass holders, Wineries, Vendors, Special Guests, Participating Restaurants, “Walk-About” Location Hosts, Distributors, Media & Sponsors… and you!
6 bottles total donation suggested

“Walk-About Tasting” on Friday May 4th, 4:00-7:00pm (450p-550p)
Multiple Downtown locations.
 Our signature, multi-location, tasting event. Vendors will be featured at some of our favorite Durango galleries, boutiques and outdoor spaces, all within a block or two of one another downtown. Participants will have their own glass and move around the locations within a four block radius.
Total Product Recommendation: 12
-18 bottles on your table minimum. 

“The Grand Tasting” on Saturday May 5th, 3:00-6:30pm (700p-850p). Under the big festival tent at The Smiley Building Courtyard.
Hundreds of featured wines, as well as beer & spirits. Durango’s finest restaurants showcase their cuisine in our 8th Annual Durango Restaurant Showcase. Lots of local industry folks in attendance.
All participants are under one very large tented area.
Total Product Recommendation: 24-36 bottles on your table minimum.
Please try to have a few different items on Friday versus Saturday.

Vendors can access the Festival Tent in the Smiley Building Courtyard as early as noon on Saturday to begin set up.

Should I send different wines to the two different events?
Yes, please do! We find that all of the DWE guests love to see variety. Also, most patrons hold tickets to both the Walk-About and the Grand tasting. Have fun, keep them guessing. That way people will come to your table both days!

I want to ship directly from the winery, where is the 2018 DWE Off-Site Storage located?

Please Ship any event product to:
Alley Access
ATTN: Mandi Davis 970-946-2408
639 East 3rd Ave
Durango, CO 81301
Please send us a tracking number, have your driver call ahead and let us know to expect a delivery as no one is at the storage building without notice. 

Do I need to attach shipping labels to my boxes?
Yes! Please choose the appropriate label below:

DWE  VIP Welcome Reception Shipping Label – TBD:

Walk-About Durango Shipping Label – TBD:
 DWE WALK ABOUT TASTING 2017 Shipping Label

Grand Tasting Shipping Label – TBD:
DWE GRAND TASTING 2017 Shipping Label

City of Durango Special Event Permits_Final
SEP Liquor License valid Friday, April 24th 2018 2:00pm-8:00pm
1. Artesano’s: Permit# 2015-201400245-015
2. Azul Gallery: Permit# 2015-201400245-016
3. Blu: Permit# 2015-201400245-017
4. Durango Coffee Company: Permit# 2015-201400245-018
5. Renae Marie Apparel & Gifts: Permit# 2015-201400245-020
6. Rose Duds:  Permit# 2015-201400245-021 

7. Silk Sparrow: Permit# 2015-201400245-022
8. Sorrel Sky: Permit# 2015-201400245-023
9. There’s No Place Like Home: Permit# 2015-201400245-019
10. Urban Market: Permit# 2015-201400245-024
**Steamworks, Rochester Hotel & Bar Courtyard & Cocktails & Creations, Four Leaves Winery & Durango Craft Spirits all have their own liquor licenses, & do not require a permit. **

2018 Walk-About Durango Shipping Label:
DWE WALK ABOUT TASTING 2017 Shipping Label


City of Durango Special Event Permits_Final

SEP Liquor License valid Saturday, April 25th 2015 12:00pm-8:00pm
11. First National Bank of Durango 259 W. 9th Street:
Permit # 2015-201400245-014

2018 Grand Tasting Shipping Label: 
DWE GRAND TASTING 2017 Shipping Label

What does my distributor or winery have to provide to participate?
You must provide proof that you are Licensed, Bonded, Insured in the State of Colorado to distribute and/or produce wine. Or, you must have a Licensed, Bonded, Insured  Distributor in the State of Colorado.
The Durango Wine Experience provides general liability insurance, as required, for all of the events.


      The Durango Wine Experience is a Colorado non-profit organization.
      DOWNLOAD the DWE NON-PROFIT CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING: Durango Wine Exp Certificate of Good Standing_Non Profit Corporation

      DWE Tax Exempt Status Approval

      The Durango Wine Experience is now a 501 (c)3! DWE Tax Exempt Status Approval

      I am a sponsor. What are the ad sizes and where do I submit my ad?
      Click here to download the DWE AD Specs and Sizes Please send your completed DWE program ads by 04/01/2018 to [email protected]

      Do you offer Vendors & Speakers free or discounted lodging?
      If you are a winemaker, contact us  to discuss complimentary lodging.

      Here are our  DWE Special Lodging Partners for Vendors:

      The Leland House & Rochester Hotel 
      721 E. 2nd Ave. ~ Durango, CO 81301
      970.385.1920 ~ 800.664.1920



      The Historic Strater Hotel
      699 Main Ave. ~ Durango, Co 81301
      970-247-4431 ~ 800-247-4431


      Can the DWE accept donated alcohol beverages to serve with a special event permit?
      Yes. Please refer to the State of Colorado Liquor & Tobacco Enforcement Division website for more specific details. (See Regulation 47-1010)
      Alcohol beverages may be donated by Colorado-licensed wholesalers, micro-breweries, brewpubs, vintner’s restaurants, and in-state wineries, if such beverages are used for hospitality and/or fund raising purposes, and are not resold by the drink. Alcohol beverages received from other non-licensed or private sources may not be sold, served or consumed at a special events permit.
      Colorado Suppliers may provide financial support and/or services for public-service or nonprofit fund raising activities to those organizations that qualify for a special events permit.
      However, no support may be conditioned upon the present or future purchase of alcohol beverages or the exclusive sale of a supplier’s products at future events. Suppliers may also share in the costs of advertisements, signs, promotional materials and items of a similar nature used in connection with a non-profit special event permit. Suppliers may also rent
      dispensing equipment to a special event permittee at fair market value and may sell glassware, cups and similar items at a minimum of cost.
      Regulation 47-1010. Special Event Permittee-Supplier Relationships. 

      How do I like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter?
      Please connect to us on all of our social media sites!
      & Twitter:

      & Instagram:
      & Pinterest: 

    • How much are the table fees?
      • DWE Levels of Participation
          • Premier Event Sponsor: $10,000.00


          • Platinum Festival Sponsor: $5,000.00


          • Gold Sponsor: $2,500.00


          • Silver Sponsor: $1,000.00


          • Beverage Vendor Weekend Table Fee (Includes a table at both Friday & Saturday’s tastings):
             $405.00 before 2/14
            $450  after 2/15


          • Non-Beverage Product Vendor: $500


          • Durango “Local” Vendor Table Fee(Saturday GT Only): $250


          • Restaurant Showcase Table Fee: (Saturday GT Only): $250


          • Walk-About Durango Location Host:
             (Friday) $125


    • How can I buy Additional Vendor Tickets? 
      Additional Vendor Ticket: This is equivalent of a Weekend Tasting Pass. Includes a DWE wine glass & both of our major wine tasting events!

      *Walk- About Durango: Friday, May 4th, 2018 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm | ($45 value)
      *The Grand Tasting: Saturday, May 5th, 2018 | 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm | ($85-100 value)
      *One DWE Riedel Tasting Glass: ($10 value)
      A $155 value, discounted for our valued partners for only: $40
      You can use the Online Vendor payment screen below or pay for additional tix at check in. This discounted price is only for extra tickets for industry guests of paid vendors. Abuse of this offer will result in forfeiting of wristbands and eternal banishment.


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